To Gaze at Ten Suns Shining- Project with Sarah Abu Abdallah at POOL, Hamburg.
31/12/2015 - 15/01/2016

Dear POOL,
Please gather thirty leaflets from local tourist traps that advertise guided tours/places to visit.
Photocopy a leaflet of your choice.
Reinsert the printed page back into the printer tray.
Swap the leaflet for another and photocopy again.
Repeat this process, printing onto the same piece of paper nine more times.
Place this heavily inked page aside and photocopy a new leaflet onto a new page.
Photocopy another nine leaflets onto the same page.
Reproduce the prints in large format and trim any white space.
Hang the prints in any two corners of the space.
Do not display the original leaflets or photocopies.
Project link,
onto the window of the space
Project link
onto one of the walls of the space.

Photographed by Heinrich Holtgreve